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Representing the absolute best in materials, craftsmanship and innovation.
Design and function set TOUR AUTHENTIC apart.

ELEVATED Materials

The better a garment feels against your skin, the more relaxed and comfortable you’ll be. That’s why we’ve chosen fabrics that are woven from the finest natural fibers.

Cashmere - Lighter, finer, stronger and three times more insulating than sheep’s wool, without the added bulk.

Merino Wool - Considered the finest and softest sheep’s wool. Naturally regulates body temperature, resists odors and wicks away moisture.

Mercerized Cotton - A process that makes threads stronger and fabrics more lustrous.

Crimped Yarns - Better stretch and recovery, while staying soft and smooth to the touch.


ELEVATED Craftsmanship

The details make all the difference. We’ve paid the utmost attention to those that enable you to swing with ease, move freely down the fairway and stay focused on your game.

Precise later cuts - Ensure the perfect fit.

Ultrasonic seams - Deliver a streamlined, flat and polished appearance.

Active Flex waistbands - Expand to 1” the waist size for consistent comfort and ease of movement

Underarm gussets - Allow you to swing the club without restriction.


ELEVATED Innovation

We utilize the latest technologies and fabrication processes to keep you dry and eliminate unpleasant odors, while never letting your opponent see you sweat.

Polygiene® - Prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria at the source. Permanently integrated into fabric and never washes out.

3XDRY® Technology - Works on the inside of a garment, allowing perspiration to be quickly absorbed and transported away from the body.

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